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Mr. & Mrs. Jerky – Meat Snacks and Jerky

Welcome to the Mr. & Mrs. Jerky online jerky store – the home of the best jerky meat in the world! If you’ve been searching for delicious meat snacks and jerky for sale, check out our selection of flavored jerky sticks, smokies and slabs. We have flavored bison, elk, buffalo and beef jerky for sale with fast shipping to ensure you get the freshest possible product. Once you’ve tried our meat snacks, you’ll know that we’re the only online jerky store for you!

We love providing the most delicious flavored jerky to our growing family of customers, and we are always looking to add new offerings to our selection. We will be adding new flavors as we expand, so check in to see what we’ve been up to, and tell us which of our meat snacks are your favorites. We only offer the best jerky meats for sale and inspect each batch for quality assurance. Treat yourself to the best jerky meat ever made, and you’ll see why they call us Mr. & Mrs. Jerky!