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Fresh Smoked Jerky

If you’re looking for fresh jerky to satisfy your hunger, try our selection of flavored jerky, including buffalo, elk, beef and venison. Our smoked jerky meats are made using the highest quality meats available, including our famous hickory-smoked jerky slabs, which are slow-dried for the perfect texture. We carefully flavor our smoked jerky to provide the perfect taste, with options for hot and spicy or mild jerky slabs. Once you try our delicious flavored jerky, you’ll know why we love what we do!

When you order flavored jerky from our online store, you get the most delicious, freshest flavored jerky delivered right to your front door. We only sell the most delicious jerky meats, and we offer fast shipping on all orders. Treat yourself or a loved one to the best flavored jerky slabs ever made today.

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Bacon Jerky Teriyaki Mini-Slab Peppered Slab
Enjoy the hickory smoked, true bacon flavor. Our Teriyaki slab is smoked and flavored with teriyaki sauce with a hint of pineapple and honey for sweetness. Peppered slabs are beef slabs with just the right amount of pepper flavor.
Hot Hot Beef Slab Beef-Mini-Slab Honey Slab
Hot Hot Beef Slabs! We heard you wanted more HEAT with your Jekry and we delivered....great reviews from customers so far! Natural beef flavor! Honey Beef Slabs are beef slabs are gently sweet. One of our best sellers at the shows!
Elk Jerky Hot Venison Jerky Venison Jerky
Our Elk Jerky is hickory smoked with a hint of black pepper.
Our Hot Venison Jerky is hickory wood smoked.
Our Venison Jerky is wood smoked, giving it a distinguished real hickory flavor, each piece is formed and cut then slowly dried to give it consistent texture and flavor.